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Supremity is an arena based PvP (player versus player) game, which focuses on synergy and team-play to outsmart your opponents with superior strategy and skill in a competitive environment.

Multiple classes are available in an RPG-style gameplay fashion, each class sporting unique strengths and weaknesses. This diversity allows players to mix and match classes to form interesting and well rounded team compositions to fight their way to glory.

Current state of the game:

  • In heavy development, might contain multiple bugs
  • 11 classes implemented
  • 3 arena maps implemented
  • 7 AI bots implemented very basically
  • Co-Op multiplayer vs. bots (1v1 - 5v5)
  • Multiplayer versus other players (1v1 - 5v5)
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Expert game modes
  • Simple interactive tutorial (work in progress)


  • Sound
  • Better graphic effects and animations
  • Matchmaking system
  • much, much more...

Contact me, if you are interested in participating in Playtest sessions, which are held regularly.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does Steam want to download Spacewar?

Supremity is not yet greenlit, so it is using the Steam developer app-id, which is the id of Spacwar. When launching the game without administrator permissions, Steam might want to launch Spacewar instead. In that case, you need to relaunch Supremity as administrator.

Why can't I find my friend's game?

Steam integration is still in the early stages, so restarting the game is recommended, if you can't find your friends game, or other people cannot join your game.

Why does the menu bar not display my Steam user name?

You probably don't have the Steam client running in the background. Make sure to start Steam and then restart Supremity with administrator permissions.

The game crashed, what do I do?

If the game crashes, please contact me with as many details as possible, as to when the crash occured, and what you were doing at the time

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